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We were approached by Leonard Wilkinson who has been looking to stike out on his own as a business advisor and career coach.

After being involved in many businesses, Leonard developed the skill to dig deep to find issues within businesses; and create an actional plan to resolve these issues. With such a keen eye, he is also able to see where processes and procedures can be improved and optimised - leading to a more successful business.

His career coaching stems from many years of advising candidates not happy with their current work position, into new and exciting careers. From office admins becoming violin manufacturers, and fitness instructors becoming investment bankers; Leonard has the ability to find out what job will really make you happy.

The process

We worked with Leonard to come up with an idea of the look and feel of the website. Settling on an existing theme to start off with, we worked on Leonard's feedback and tweaked the website to get to the point where it is now.

As a new business, it was important that we were on-point with price, and also offer the flexibility required for the website to accurately represent it's owner.

Leonard is currently wrapping things up at his current job, and is hoping to launch the site and full-time business later on in the year.

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